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GEM-DIAMOND In Memoria Panel

24 February 2024 | Back to news list

On March 12 Luiss University hosts a panel with some of late Pr. Telò’s colleagues to discuss his scholarship on Globalisation, Multilateralism, and the EU

Globalization, Europe, Multilateralism: The Legacy of Mario Telò

March 12th, 2024 (14:30 - 16:00)


Hosted at LUISS-Guido Carli, one of late professor Teló’s home institutions, this panel brings together former collaborators, colleagues, and students of the late professor.  They will jointly reflect upon his contribution to the scholarly debates surrounding Globalisation, Multilateralism, and the role of the EU therein.

To this end, the panelists will consider Professor Telò's entire body of work, and in particular his final scholarly publication: Multilateralism Past, Present, and Future: A European Perspective (Taylor & Francis, 2023). Professor Telò's final monograph offers an important chronological perspective on the evolution of multilateralism within Europe and beyond. It sketches a critical reconstruction of the history of the idea and praxis of peaceful global governance, a comparative analysis of regional multilateral organizations, and a discussion about concrete trends and perspectives of a new multilateralism against the challenging context of the current multipolar power politics. Focusing on the changing European interplay with multilateralism – from Eurocentric cradle of civilian cooperation among sovereign imperial states to political dwarf after the two world wars and decolonization, and to potential co-leader of multilayered and multi-actor cooperation within the current multipolar order, it addresses a theoretical “gap” by fuelling the long-recognized idealism v. realism debate over international cooperation and institutionalization with both historical and new empirical insights.

Beyond his scholarly work on Globalisation, Europe, and Multilateralism; the panel is also invited to consider Professor Telò's contribution to interdisciplinarity, internationalization, and graduate training in the fields of European Studies, International Relations and Political Theory. With a range of the professor's scholarly interests, institutional affiliations as well as intellectual collaborations, and mentorships represented among the invited speakers, the panel is uniquely positioned to offer a well-rounded and engaging sketch of Professor Telò's diverse academic legacy.


Chair: Frederik Ponjaert (IEE-ULB) 

  • Nicola Lupo (Luiss University)

  • Silvia Menegazzi (Luiss University)

  • Giulia Tercovich (VUB - BSoG)


 @ Room TOTI (203)
Viale Romania, 32,                               00197 Roma (ITALY)