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Kai Jacobsen

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Institutional Representative (PATRIR)

Personal Page
Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen is regarded as one of the leading pioneers, innovators and practitioners in the field of peacebuilding, security and addressing challenging and complex conflicts and crisis in the world today. For 20 years he has worked across all continents and many of the most challenging war zones and crisis situations at the invitation of the United Nations, governments, international agencies and organizations, and communities affected by war. He is currently a Senior Researcher for PATRIR in the EU consortium projects “Takedown” and “PeaceTraining.EU”. In 2016 he headed the UN-supported Nineveh Paths to Social Cohesion, Coexistence and Peace project in Nineveh, Iraq-KRG, one of the areas worst affected by the ongoing war with ISIS. He has since led engagements to support sub-national mediation and peace processes in Libya, improving early warning and integrated peacebuilding and prevention in Nigeria, and headed a unique engagement by UNAMID to support the government of Sudan on stabilization, peacebuilding and recovery in Darfur. He is a practitioner with extensive experience in mediation and facilitation of peace processes and working on the ground to prevent violent conflicts, end wars, and support reconciliation and healing after violence. He also works as IPDTC’s senior trainer and has provided more than 400 training programmes for governments, UN missions and agencies, and organizations in the field. He is invited around the world to facilitate multi-stakeholder reviews, strategic planning processes, and evaluations of policy and practice, and has provided more than 100 keynote speeches for the UN Secretary General’s Office, Oxford, Columbia University, and many other institutions and events in the field. His work is one of the subjects of the recent documentary movie In Pursuit of Peace (